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5 Reasons Why Cybersecurity Is Important Now More Than Ever

Cyberattacks Affect All People Cyberattacks are so common in today’s world and recent reports show that hackers attack a computer in the US every 39 seconds! Once an attack happens millions of people could b...


What Is Emotet

What is Emotet and how is it distributed? View this post on Instagram A post shared by bva technology services (@bva.technical.ninja)


Cool App for Grammer

Cool app that allows me to finish reading and writing emails to ensure I am not making mistakes….whether its my Outlook or IOS device…keeps me covered. It leverages AI to ensure my grammar is correc...

FluBot malware is here – Andriod

FluBot is a Android malware that is creating issues across European countries, and coming to North America with already some cases. People that use Android devices need to be aware how FluBot operates, and how ...

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Sophos XDR

I have been deploying this for about 4 months now and pretty impressed. Sophos XDR goes beyond the endpoint and server, pulling in firewall, email and other data sources. Gives you a holistic view of your organ...

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iPhone Benchmarks

Iphone XR, 11, and 12 in benchmark tests:The Iphone 12 may have the largest CPU, surprisingly came in last for almost every test. apple announced that the iOS 14.5.1 on the Iphone 12 does have a few bugs in it ...

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Ryuk ransomware

A bio research institute in Europe had Ryuk ransomware find a foot hole into their system. One of the bio institute’s students tried to avoid paying for his school’s software, in this process the st...

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New Malware

Be Mindful: A new form of malware is able to send out emails with the appearance of being from major companies such as google, amazon, and delivery companies such as DHL. Due to COVID19 more people are ordering...

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Auto Updates

A big thing any organization can do to help protect themselves is turn on auto updates for their security systems. Big issues researchers are noticing are cyber attackers getting into a system when the system i...

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New Google Chrome 90

The new google chrome 90 will obtain a feature called “Hardware-enforced stack protection”, this is a Windows 10 security feature. This hard-ware stack protection will help protect against return or...