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Business Continuity Planning Disaster Recovery Plan Disaster Recovery Strategies

How to Build a Successful Disaster Recovery Strategy

Understand the critical role of a disaster recovery plan in protecting your business from costly downtime or disruptions. In today’s climate, industries face various challenges, from geopolitical tensions to escalating cybersecurity threats. Despite the diverse nature of these challenges, one thing remains constant: the need for robust disaster recovery strategies. These strategies provide the framework […]

cybersecurity Linux Security Vulnerabilities Malware Detection

Backdoor Vulnerability Discovered in Popular Linux Tool, Exploiting Encrypted SSH Connections

The malicious code planted in xz Utils has been circulating for over a month. Researchers discovered a malicious backdoor in a compression tool, which infiltrated widely utilized Linux distributions, including those offered by Red Hat and Debian. According to developer Andres Freund who discovered it, the compression utility, known as xz Utils, introduced the malicious […]

Google Google Chrome Incognito Mode

Google Announces Purge of Browsing Data Gathered from Chrome’s Incognito Mode

This action results from a settlement reached in December regarding a $5 billion privacy lawsuit. On Monday, the initial specifics emerged surrounding Google’s settlement of a class-action lawsuit concerning Chrome’s tracking of Incognito users.  Initially filed in 2020, this lawsuit had the potential to demand $5 billion in compensation from the company. However, according to The […]

Microsoft Microsoft Apps Tech News

Microsoft’s Global Decoupling of Teams and Office Apps Post EU Split

These adjustments offer potential savings for individuals seeking Office apps without Teams integration. After months of untangling the apps within the European Union, Microsoft is extending the Office and Teams separation worldwide. According to Reuters, Microsoft is set to begin selling Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications as standalone products, each with its own pricing, […]

AI Voice Clones Artificial Intelligence Combatting Robocall Scams

FCC Declares AI-Generated Voices in Robocalls Completely Illegal

Analyzing the FCC’s Crackdown on Robocall Scammers Employing AI Voice Clones Post-Biden Call Controversy. In the ongoing battle against robocall scammers, a significant milestone has been achieved: the use of AI-generated voices in robocalls has been deemed illegal in the US, following a recent ruling by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC unanimously voted to […]

Cyber Defences Cyber Insurance cybersecurity

Understanding Cyber Insurance Costs, Factors, and Insights

As the relevance of cyber insurance continues to grow, businesses of all sizes are now faced with the imperative task of comprehending and managing the expenses associated with cyber insurance. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the complexities of cyber insurance, providing valuable insights into the factors influencing pricing and effective strategies for coverage. […]