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In response to multiple cybersecurity events that jeopardized the multinational company’s business operations and reputation, we successfully provided assistance in mitigating these events, showcasing our ability to protect and safeguard their operations and reputation. This was achieved by conducting a comprehensive security assessment to identify vulnerabilities, developing an effective plan, and implementing strategic measures to enhance their cybersecurity defenses, ultimately safeguarding critical data.


  • Full Security Assessment: We assessed the company's infrastructure, identified vulnerabilities, and evaluated existing security protocols.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): MFA was implemented across platforms to strengthen authentication and reduce the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Sophos Advanced with Intercept X and MTR Complete: Deployment of Sophos Advanced with Intercept X and MTR Complete enhanced endpoint security, providing real-time monitoring, detection, and response capabilities.
  • Zero Trust with ThreatLocker: Zero Trust with ThreatLocker was implemented to enforce strict access controls and minimize the attack surface, preventing unauthorized lateral movement.


  • Decreased Cybersecurity Events: Our measures led to a significant reduction in cybersecurity events, safeguarding systems and data from unauthorized access attempts.
  • Improved Threat Detection and Response: Sophos Advanced with Intercept X and MTR Complete improved threat detection and response, protecting against malware and ransomware attacks.
  • Enhanced Defense Against Internal Threats: Zero Trust with ThreatLocker minimized the risk of internal threats, protecting sensitive data from unauthorized actions by insiders.
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