Phishing Attacks

How To Recognize & Report Phishing Attacks

Sophos Cyber Security Awareness Tip 4: Phishing Protection

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Throughout the month, we’re partnering with Sophos to provide bitesize cyber security guidance based on the event’s weekly themes. BVA: Business IT Services...

Phishing Attack Awareness and Protection

Massive Phishing Attack: Hackers Targeted 130+ Companies

Over 130 organizations, including Twilio, DoorDash, and Cloudflare, have been compromised by hackers as part of a months-long phishing campaign, security researchers call “0ktapus.” According to a repor...

12 Types Of Phishing Attacks

12 Types of Phishing Attacks and How to Identify Them

Cyber Security Awareness: What Are Phishing Attacks? Phishing attacks are the practice of malicious actors sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a legitimate trusted source. At i...