Email Security

Strengthen Your Businesses Email Security

Email Security 2023: 4 Must-See Trends In The Industry

Keeping up with the latest developments in email security is critical for your business cyber defences. In H1 2022, Vade detected more than 440 million phishing and malware-laced emails, ...

Gmail Confidential Mode Email Cyber Security

How To Use Confidential Mode In Gmail To Protect Information

Gmail is used by millions of people around the globe.  As of July, 28.13% of people use Gmail as their primary email client. Regularly, users have to send sensitive information to others.  A few years...

Best Email Cyber Security Practices

Tips To Strengthen Your Email Security

Email remains one of the biggest cyber security threats for businesses of all sizes. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to exploit email and failure to follow the best email practices leaves yo...