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Budweiser takes Social Media to the next step

I recently read an article on Engadget about this new Buddy Cup that Budweiser is putting out that integrates with Facebook. Essentially what happens is you get the buddy cup and you link it to your Facebook account by scanning a QR code on the bottom. Then when you cheers someone, they become your friend on Facebook. The cup is going to be used at concerts, parties, and other events sponsored by the King of Beers. A new twist to making Facebook Friends.

Check out the video!


Facebook Home

Facebook Home
Facebook Home is an android app that replaces your home screen. This features full-screen photos, status updates, and notifications. The integration of the Facebook Home app basically will make users have re-learn how to navigate through the android OS on their phones. But if you avid Facebook user, meaning you can’t function without all the updates and post, this could work well for you. This is meant to cut down the time it takes you to check you Facebook posts and status updates.

First Twitter, now Facebook & Apple

It was just a couple of weeks ago that BVA wrote about Twitter being the latest victim of a sophisticated hacking scheme. This last week proved to be testing for some of the biggest names out there, Facebook and Apple.

Facebook had issues on Friday after some employees went to a mobile developer’s website which ended up being compromised. They said they found an employee’s laptop that contained a malicious file after they traced a suspicious domain.

Just today Apple reported that a handfull of employee owned Mac’s were breached as well. They also stated they were working with law-enforcement agencies regarding the issues.

Unlike this seasons fashion, there are some trends I do not like seeing, and this is one of them. Facebook and Twitter are the biggest names in social media and Apple, well, it’s Apple. Do you think the hackers are part of the same group or do you believe this to be a trend of who can hack who out there?

Charity scams on the rise in the aftermath of Japan quake

Within hours of the earthquake & tsunami in Japan, online scams were popping up on various social media sites, claiming to be charitable organizations, or to represent valid ones like the Red Cross.  In addition to falsely soliciting donations via Facebook and email, these fraudulent “charities” are also used to spread malware.

So please be careful when you go to donate to a cause or offer assistance, and be sure the organization is valid.

More info: http://www.securityweek.com/massive-influx-scams-surrounding-japans-earthquake-and-tsunami-expected