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Blasted by Phishing Calendar Invitations


Have you been getting random calendar invitations from unfamiliar sources about events you have never heard of before? It seems we are not the only ones. Most of the calendar invitations seem to be coming from email accounts from other countries, promising deals on brand name products such as Ray-Bans.

This is just another type of phishing scam. Do not accept or decline calendar invitations from unknown senders. If possible, try not to open the invitation at all, and if you do open the invitation, do not click any links that may be attached. From what we know about email phishing and malware, this is most likely an attempt at retrieving personal information from your device.

Apple is in the process of blocking the suspicious email addresses and hopefully putting a quick end to the unknown invitations. In the meantime, you can do a few things to protect yourself. Firstly, do not decline the invitations, this only alerts the sender of an active email account, and will most likely lead to even more invitations. Go into your calendar settings and change invitations to be sent via email rather than device iPhone notifications. Finally you can create a junk calendar, purely for these spam invitations. These are temporary alternatives while we wait for Apple to block the email addresses and secure the problem. If you would like to create an alternative calendar for these invitations, which is the best way to protect yourself at the moment, click here.


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Apple to Reveal iCloud and iOS 5

I read today that Apple will deliver the keynote on June 6th announcing some exciting news.  The annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is held in San Francisco and has become a cult event almost.  This year they are not letting anyone down, with some exciting leaks news involving the next-generation versions of Apple’s software platforms, namely iOS 5, the Mac OS X Lion (new operating system), and the cloud service called iCloud.  The iCloud will directly compete with many other services now in production.  Unconfirmed reports appear to indicate iPhone 5 won’t be revealed until late summer, and won’t be in stores until fall.  Apple’s iCloud allow consumers to mirror their music libraries online for playback anywhere, on any PC or iOS device. Apple obtained the domain icloud.com in early 2009 and have been rumored to try to tap the commercial market but looks like they are simply targeting the residential for their service offerings.  Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) is the eighth major release of of the OS X operating system.