Cloud Computing

In today technology climate, cloud computing is concept that is very saturated with misconceptions and complexity. Many business owners feel that its actually cheaper to move their business system into the cloud as opposed to a on premise server system. This is just not factual, being in the cloud will almost always reflect in a higher cost over a 5 year period. Where is does start to make cost-sense is when your organization requires the need to being up 24/7 and being down is just not an option. If being down for even a half hour costs your organization significant revenue, then the cloud starts to make a lot more sense via overall cost for high reliability. Some of the most popular cloud solutions that BVA is offering is as followed:

Microsoft Online Services

Exchange Online

Sharepoint Online

Skype for Business/Lync

Microsoft Azure

Provide employees access to e-mail, calendar, and contacts from virtually anywhere, at anytime, on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices—while helping to protect against malware and spam. Exchange Online can be rapidly deployed, flexibly expanded, and is designed to be securely administered using a powerful yet easy-to-use Web-based console. Share documents, contacts, calendars, and tasks in a single location. Based on Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007, SharePoint Online delivers rich collaboration capabilities that enable team members to flexibly and efficiently collaborate, find organizational resources, search your intranet site, and manage content and workflow. Skype for Business allows organizations the ability to connect with colleagues and customers through real-time meetings, training sessions, and events using only a PC/Mac with an Internet connection. Hosted Web conferencing services.  This powerful tool gives your employees the power to collaborate wherever they are, to set up project meetings, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on whiteboards without the cost and hassle of travel! Enables organizations a powerful way if provisioning cloud based servers with the Microsoft cloud in seconds through a central intuitive interface. Generate web apps in ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js, or Python. Deploy quickly using FTP, Git, Visual Studio, TFS, and GitHub.  Allows the ability to eliminate on-premise database installations. Create a new Microsoft SQL database in seconds.

Messaging is now a mission-critical application for business – but delivering a feature-rich messaging service is challenging. Regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Merger and divestiture activities require rapid adjustment of service capacity. Good technical expertise is in high demand. And the “buy versus build” economics are changing.

A compelling solution to this challenge is Microsoft® Exchange Online a Microsoft-hosted enterprise messaging service based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Exchange Online helps deliver the messaging protection your company demands and the anywhere access employees want. Exchange Online leverages our knowledge of Microsoft products, best practices developed with customers and partners, and experience operating Microsoft internal corporate messaging to deliver a world-class, mission-critical service. Microsoft handles setup, provisioning, ongoing maintenance and upgrades of your Exchange Server infrastructure, reducing your team’s IT workload and freeing IT resources to focus on core strategic initiatives that move your business forward.


Our offering is based on using the best, most-proven components in the industry. This allows us to offer our clients true enterprise-grade IT solutions without the initial capital investment and operating expenses associated with building it from scratch.

Our platform utilizes proven virtual technologies from industry leaders such as HP, IBM, Dell, and VMware. This architecture enables us to provide the highest level of performance and efficiency to our clients.

Performance: From the data center to the operating system, The bVirtual platform is built from the ground up using only best-in-class technology, providing your business with enterprise-class integration and performance.

Reliability: We understand that the efficiency of your business is dependent on ours. That’s why we provide a 100% SLA up to your operating system.

Security: bVirtual provides unmatched security options for every single product built on our platform.

Scalability: The bVirtual platform is built to grow with your needs—leveraging increased bandwidth and storage when you need it.

Please contact us to learn more and how moving your services to the cloud can help your business. We have numerours years of experience and we can help your business.