Advanced Security Bundle

Close the Gap and Install the Correct Products for your Network - $22/month/device

Many organizations focus their security efforts on the wrong products and cyber protection schemes.  Building your security in layers with the correct products is the only way to truly secure your network, data, and end user devices.

bva has provided security based projects for over 28 years and continue to focus our efforts in testing and verifying the leading security products on the market.  We believe in testing several different products and not leaning towards a centric method of security with a singular product.  Rather, bva likes to build security in layers with several products to ensure that reliability and not having all trust with a single platform.

The method of security that we adhere to with bva’s Advanced Security Bundle is as followed:

  • A strong nextgen anti-virus (AV) solution that has Managed Threat Response (MTR)
    • Constantly scanning for odd behavior on all devices
    • AV that is specifically coded to stop Crypto-like viruses to address Ransomware
    • Security Operation Center (SOC) that is constantly monitoring all activity
  • Quarterly vulnerability scanning to expose vulnerabilities as well as a resolution path
  • Controlled Phishing Testing for user community/Training staff on Phishing-like emails
  • Spam filter that performs strong filtering guidelines:
    • Backs up all email inbound and outbound for 58 days for all mailboxes
    • Performs silver listing for all external emails
    • Addresses impersonation, knocks out someone trying to impersonate someone internal
    • Protects links within emails using Targeted Threat Protection.  All links in emails will get opened/loaded in a sandbox area to ensure the links are valid and safe.