IT Consulting/ Virtual CIO (VCIO) Services

bva’s Consulting Services department delivers project-based professional services tailored to meet the challenges facing IT organizations today. The goal of every project is to implement solutions and enterprise IT environments that are scalable, secure, cost-efficient, and easy to manage.

Utilizing bva’s proven strategic methodologies and design processes we are able to quickly assess, design, and deploy enterprise-ready IT solutions focused around Network and Systems Infrastructure, Virtualization, Security, Strategic Planning, Storage, and Disaster Recovery.

bva delivers industry recognized leadership and technology expertise while retaining a human approach to delivering real-world technology solutions. bva has several clients that we work that leverage our leadership by way of outsourced CIO (VCIO) services.  In this role, bva acts as a go-between with management and IT personnel.  Creating and structuring budgets and project timelines for internal and external staff.

Having the ability to provide best of breed solutions as well as experience of what works and doesn’t work is truly beneficial to management.  bva is not tied to any vendor or manufacturer, but rather what is best practice.  Being able to work well with internal IT assists in creating a cohesive team and champion thorough and granular communication between all parties.