Losing Money From IT Issues?

FREE 4 Hour Assessment

Let BVA Technology come onsite to perform a quick evaluation of your current technology issues that are costing your business.

bva is giving away 4 hours of FREE technical services that will encompass coming onsite and reviewing your current environment and present finding in a documented format of what solutions would streamline your technical layer as well as solution paths to solve your current IT issues. Simply contact our organization through this website to get your scheduled. Your organization is under no obligation to purchase anything from bva either now or later.

Some of the deliverable that will be addressed in this assessment:

  • Review current computer and data share set up for best practice architecture for how your users work
  • Check the system for viruses and malware
  • Perform a vulnerability scan on the system
  • Review existing computer network problems you are experiencing
  • Scan for any spyware or hidden trojans
  • Provide recommendations on how to resolve slower computers or servers
  • Evaluate application layer to determine appropriate architecture
  • Review back up platform and disaster recovery plan
  • Review server architecture and provide best practice alterations if needed
  • Review cloud systems leveraged and recommend alterations
  • Establish with management what is an acceptable downtime timeline and provide recommendations
  • Review patch level for all systems
  • Determine points of entry for the participants system externally
  • Review Wifi and external user connections
  • Review switch and firewall systems
  • Fix any high level issues is time permits