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Urgent: Why you need to update all your iPhones, iPads, and Macs right now

If you’ve not yet updated your iPhones, iPads, and Macs with the latest patches from Apple, then you need to take some time out of your day to do it right now, because this is a big one. Apple just publis...



What is Emotet and how is it distributed? View this post on Instagram A post shared by bva technology services (


Cool App for Grammer

Cool app that allows me to finish reading and writing emails to ensure I am not making mistakes….whether its my Outlook or IOS device…keeps me covered. It leverages AI to ensure my grammar is correc...


Microsoft – Malware

Microsoft is warning users to watch out for a new form of malware that is capable of stealing passwords, webcam, and browser data. A remote access tool (RAT), being referred to as RevenageRAT has been flagged b...


Intel in Trouble

Is intel in trouble with the speed of the M1 iPad Pro? The M1 chip placed into the iPad pro gives it almost as much speed as the M1 MacBook Air and more than the Core i9 16in MacBook Pro. Speeds: M1 MacBook Air...


Zoom and Microsoft Team

Zoom and Microsoft Teams has a new fun feature to try! Users are now able to add photos and text to their own screens while in a meeting. This will be a fun to way to show text without removing your face from t...


Android – Expose Data

Android app cloud authentication failures expose data of million. At least 23 popular apps were found to have misconfigurations third party cloud services on them; examples of these apps are Taxi app, screen re...


Microsoft Going Green

Microsoft is taking the next step to go more green. Microsoft is backing up a new green company working on cleaning up coding from wasting electricity on desktops, laptops, or in the cloud. Microsoft has releas...

Password Stealing Android malware

Password Stealing Android malware is spreading quickly that people need to know about. FluBot is designed to steal personal information including bank details – and infected users are being exploited to s...

Tips and Tricks – Phishing emails

Tips and Tricks-Alot of people think they know what Phishing emails are…but I am starting to find that they really do not. Thought I would share this video…explains what it is and how to prevent it....