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New features- Microsoft Teams

New features have come out for Microsoft Teams! A new setting in teams has been created to deal with “meeting crashing”. The meeting host will now have to accept an invite before I goes to another c...

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Windows 10 Pro tip

Windows 10 Pro tip! Snip & Sketch Hit the windows key+ Shift+ S all at once to take a screen shot of all or part of your screen, then choose the option to edit or save as is! #WIndows10#Windows #Snip&Sk...

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Apple – new update

ASAP – On Monday Apple released their new update; iOS 14.5.1. Apple’s iOS 14.5 update had two security bug within it. An Apple spokesperson explained on Monday how the new update to iOS 15.5.1 will ...

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Top 5 backup software

Top 5 backup software for Windows and Mac 2021. 1. Acronis True Image Acronis is one of the most well known backup software systems offered. Acronis offers three different paid package options. 2. Macrium Refle...

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Microsoft Teams

Milestone: Microsoft Teams has a platform of 145million users per day. Teams was at 75 million daily users blast April, the spike is due to the need for remote work throughout COVID19. #Teams#Microsoft#Microsof...

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Over 4.3 million emails and passwords were handed over by the FBI that were harvested by Emotet. Emotet is a cybercrime operation out of Russia, they are one of the most prevalent threats. All of the compromise...

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Microsoft’s OneDrive

Low on storage space?Get 5GB of cloud storage for free with Windows10. Windows10 comes with Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage built in.#Windows10 #BVA#BVAninja #ninja #5GB#storage #OneDrive #windows#micr...

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Microsoft/Adobe Document Cloud

Microsoft and Adobe are continue to expand on their years long relationship and are working on releasing an Adobe Document Cloud for Microsoft teams. #BVA#Adobe #Microsoft #Teams#cloud #BVAninja#Scottsdale


Amazon WorkSpaces/File Share

Better way of working Remote: Amazon WorkSpaces is a persistent desktop virtualization service that enables users to access the data, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported...



On Windows 10, Microsoft has made its operating system a more secure platform with the assistance of a new feature in the settings named Tamper Protection. This is a feature for both corporate and customer vers...