bva has a tried and true methodology of how to manage IT and all technology from the internet circuit down to the desktop. It’s important to have a clear process via service level agreements (SLAs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) internally so that technical items are being dealt with promptly and consistently. It’s important to understand compliancy, data retention needs, uptime requirements, and overall speed expectations so that an organizational system can be configured correctly and maintained on a consistent basis.

bva provides monthly reporting and yearly budgeting for organization that deem the need. This allows financial parties the ability to truly budget their technology costs per year. bva is big on documentation and standardization via hardware refresh policies, streamlined renewals, and documented custom policies for on-boarding and exiting, role alteration, external sharing of data, security initiatives, and overall support with specific applications.

bva enables an organization to focus on their core business so I can be responsible for all IT related determinations via purchases, asset management, and security of user and client data. Having a single point of contact for all IT related items is a large benefit. Because bva supports over 80 organizations, allows us to push cutting edge technology to our client base…Best of Breed.

Combining Different Technology into a Single Supported Solution