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FluBot malware is here – Andriod

FluBot is a Android malware that is creating issues across European countries, and coming to North America with already some cases. People that use Android devices need to be aware how FluBot operates, and how you can remove this Android nasty from your device. The victim gets attacked via malicious campaign, their entire Android device becomes accessible to the scammer. This includes the potential to steal credit card numbers and access credentials to online banking accounts. To avoid removal, the attacker implements mechanisms to stop the built-in protection offered by the Android OS and stops many third-party security software packages from being installed, an action many users would take to remove malicious software.

The Android user/device receives an SMS message that impersonates a popular delivery logistics brand, such as FedEx or DHL. The message asked the user to click a link in order to download and install an app that has the same familiar branding as the SMS message but is actually malicious and has the FluBot malware embedded within it. For Example:

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