Secure Virtual Meetings

Secure your virtual meetings/Be mindful- Organizations do not realize that many virtual platforms are not secure and not monitored which makes companies liable. All of that content needs to be backed up and retrievable regarding legal matters or compliancy. (1)Restrict access to those who need to be present. The meeting leader should monitor corporate IDs logged in and the features that are enabled in the meeting (like recording). (2)Control of access should apply across your virtual platforms. Know who has access to your business intelligence. Make sure you control who has access to content across your business. If an employee does not need the information to complete their work, then they don’t need access. The more people allowed access to company data, the greater your security risk is from things like malware/trojans. (3)Control access to any meeting recordings. It is helpful to have recordings of your video conferences or calls, but it also is a potential gateway for data to leak. #security#virtualmeetings #virtual #recordings #lead#securityleak#virtualplatforms #restrict #deny #videoconferencing

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