Personal Data and the Collection

US government has tasked internal agencies to collect data on the country’s 330 million residents while keeping their identities private. Little scary that this was not conveyed to general public. Data is released in statistical tables that policymakers and academics analyze when writing legislation or conducting research. By law, the Census Bureau must make sure that it CAN’t lead back to any individuals. Differential privacy is a mathematical technique that makes this process rigorous by measuring how much privacy increases when noise is added. The method is already used by Apple and Facebook to collect aggregate data without identifying particular users. It concerns me how the government feels they have the right to know our trends and private data via trends and patterns. Something to watch as AI and Machine Learning become more prevalent. Countries like Canada and the UK are watching too. #privacy#noprivacy #lettingithappen#toobig #census #censusbureau#oblivious #watching #privacylaws

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