Optimal Internet Speeds – ISP

Tech folks always sort of knew this but over 53 journalists associated with the Wall Street Journal have found that you really do not need the higher tier of internet for your home. Meaning there is nothing that you can do as a consumer that will require that type of speed. Obviously ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) advertise the higher speeds of 100MB and 200MB for good costs but that fact is that you do need it. They even did a test of downloading three movies, streaming 4K movie to a tv, and an online game taking place as well, and the max consumption of a 100MB line went to 62MB for less that 1 second. Meaning, the expensive 100MB internet pipe sold by many ISP’s are a waste of money. The most optimal internet pipe recommended is between 30MB and 50MB for your high-end consumption home. #besmart #dontoverpay #cox#coxcommunication #centurylink#comcast #verizon #Charter #AT&T #Altice #baitandswitch#wasteofmoney#internet #internetconsumption

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