Improve Network Speed

A cool tech tip to improve network speed (at home or office) in Windows 10 by increasing IRPStackSize. Editing the Windows Registry file is a serious undertaking and if you have never done it before, do not even try it. A corrupted Windows Registry file could render your computer inoperable, requiring a reinstallation of the Windows 10 operating system and potential loss of data. Back up the Windows 10 Registry file and create a valid restore point before you proceed. The default network configuration settings in Windows 10 are configured with safe and reliable values. Predictably, safe and stable does not always equal fast and high-performance, especially with regard to network connections. Increasing that parameter’s value considerably increased the overall network performance for your device. Video via Steps: https://www.techrepublic.com/videos/windows-10-how-to-improve-network-speed-by-increasing-irpstacksize/ #ipstack #WindowsRegistryfile #Windows #Registry #file#IRPStackSize #speed #performance#Microsoft #networkspeed#bvatechnicalservices #bvatechnicalninja

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