Home Router Flaws

Home router are riddled with known flaws and run ancient unpatched Linux operating system. Be mindful of this when working from home. I have had four people get hacked at their home due to this reason. The FKIE did a study and found that 46 routers hadn’t got a single security update within the past year and that many routers are affected by hundreds of known vulnerabilities. FKIE assessed that ASUS and Netgear do a better job on some aspects of securing routers than D-Link, Linksys, TP-Link and Zyxel, but it argues the industry needs to do more to secure home routers. Also be mindful that Linux is an open source operating system and must constantly be patched via vendor due to it being open code. https://www.networkstraining.com/best-hardware-firewalls-for-home-small-business/ #besmart #paytoplay #buycorrectly #cisco #sophos #Ubiquiti

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