Biggest Hack Ever

Biggest Hack Ever- This country needs to be better with Cyber Security because we are losing the battle currently. We need to spend the money, resources, cultivate youth, and build an army of ethical hackers to protect this country from attacks of this nature. This gets little to no news coverage to the gravity and depth of this layered breach. CrowdStrike is investigating the SolarWinds supply chain attack, they said today it identified a third malware strain directly involved in the recent hack named Sunspot…on top of the other two, Sunburst and Sunburst. The scope of what was penetrated is mind-blowing and the malware itself if very impressive and eloquent. These hackers have been in these systems since September 2019 and I assume over time more and more entities will be disclosed to their internal damage(commercial and government). Very scary and technical leadership needs to do better. #poortechleadership #leadership #hack#solarwinds#supplychainattack #Sunspot #dobetter #bettercybersecurity#nooversite #priorities

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