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COVID-19 Malware – Complete Wipe

Ran into a new malware that destroys infected systems, either by wiping files or rewriting a computer’s master boot record (MBR). This is a bad one and everyone has to be careful with they are clicking and downloading right now. There is no recovery from them and wipes the machine essentially. Security experts have identified at least five malware strains, some distributed globally, while others appear to have been created only as tests or jokes….but are out in the general public.

Common theme among all four strains is that they use a coronavirus-theme and they’re geared towards destruction, rather than financial gain. This is just a malicious effort and approach.

The first image is what gets put on the screen….While users attempt to deal with this window, the malware is silently rewriting the computer’s master boot record behind their back. It then restarts the PC, and the new MBR kicks in, blocking users into a pre-boot screen.

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