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5G and IoT: Pros, Cons, and Some Things You Never Considered

Simply turn on the television, and you’ll eventually hear “5G.” By now, most people are already familiar with the phrase Internet of Things (IoT). Although people have heard these terms, do they really know what they are, how they affect their lives, or how they coexist? What do you really know about 5G and the IoT?


As with most things in life, 5G and the IoT have pros and cons. But what about those things you never considered? This article discuss all three.


The IoT is already integrated into many of our lives in positive ways. Once 5G technology is fully integrated, the effects on IoT will only continue to grow.

Better, Faster, Smarter

When discussing the pros of 5G and IoT, the most obvious is the speed at which we will be connected. Not only will our devices connect to the internet faster, but they will also connect to each other at lightning-quick speeds, allowing us to remain in constant contact with everything and everyone. This includes doctors, hospitals, grocery stories, mechanics, schools, babysitters, and employers. This constant contact will provide us with an instant response mechanism, real-time feedback and interaction, and the ability to have immediate communication with other people or automated systems.

Smart Cities

Using 5G and the IoT, smart cities will have the ability to automate traffic monitoring, video surveillance, and waste management. In addition, smart cities can incorporate automated systems that not only save time and money but also collect data remotely, such as bike rentals, taxi systems, parking meters, and visitor centers.


Although 5G and the IoT will positively affect our lives in many ways, some areas should still cause us concern