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Intel Core i7-6900K against the lineup


Intel Core i7-6900K Eight cores and 16 available threads via Intel’s familiar Hyper-Threading technology. Hyper-Threading allows each actual core to work on two threads at the same time. The Core i7-6900 has a 3.2 GHz base clock speed that is 200MHz faster than the at of the previous-generation top of the line, eight-core Core i7-5960X Extreme Edition, as well the current-gen 10-core Core i7-6950X. All of the new Broadwell-E chips in the lineup will be backward-compatible with most X99-based Socket LGA 2011-v3 motherboards, provided that the motherboard maker offers up a BIOS update to support Intel’s latest chips.

Computer Shopper helped us all out by performing a Cinebench R15, an industry standard benchmark test that taxes all available cores of a processor to measure raw CPU muscle, the Core i7-6900K stuck reasonably close to its 10-core counterpart. Falling just 6 percent behind the Core i7-6950X, the eight-core Core i7-6900K impresses here, given the $600 price difference between those two chips.

This how the lineup performed in Benchmark testing done by Computer Shopper Reviewer, Matt Safford. 

Core 2 Core 3 Core 4 Core 5 Core 6


For those who are running time-consuming and fully threaded workloads each day the Core i7-6900K is a better value that the 10-core counterpart that costs significantly more money. It won’t be able to give you the highest performance possible, but as concluded from testing, it gets you pretty darn close. The Core i7-6900K is great for gamers and media connoisseurs as you won’t need to upgrade for several years and is still above quality in comparison to the Intel’s Broadwell-E-Stack. If you plan to connect various graphics cards and fast PCle storage will most likely want to go with a different model, perhaps the six core Core i7-6850K  because it has 40 PCle 3.0 lanes included, the highest base clock speed of it’s lineup (3.6Hz) and costs about half as much as the i7-6900K. If you looking for the best bang for your buck opt for the Core i7-6800K. Six cores, higher base clock speed than the i7-6900K at 3.4GHz and only costs $430. This chip makes do with 28 lanes of PCle, while 8 lanes is generally enough to handle the current graphics-card bandwidth. Even dropping two cards in leaves you with 12 lanes left for fast storage.






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