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Low Profile iPad Pro Mechanical Keyboard Case

At $169 a pop this mechanical keyboard case for the iPad Pro resembles a briefcase with a handle. The keyboard employs a new switch called the “Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Switch” with true actuation, reset, and 70 grams of forced needed per key. The keyboard/case combo comes with a metal kickstand, a detachable poly-carbonate case, and connectivity via Bluetooth. In addition with the maximum brightness glowing the device still has 10 hours of battery life or 600 hours with the back-lighting off. This tech exists for those looking for a laptop like typing experience rather than the touchscreen option. However, if you change your mind Razer gave this keyboard a full range of motion so you can keep the case on and use your iPad as usual. It’s pretty cool if you use your iPad for many different functions.

mechanical keyboardmechanical keyboardmechanical keyboard


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