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HummingBad Malware targets 85 million Android devices…


As reported on the blog last week, malware has had a taste for Android devices.

The HummingBad software is another type of Android malware that has infected 85 million users globally. HummingBad infects Android devices in two ways, via drive-by downloads and malicious payloads delivered by websites distributing adult content. By using a rootkit, the malware attempts to gain root access to the device. If successful, the device is full accessible. In the event this method of access is not successful, a fake system update notification is used to trick users into handing over full access to the device.

With access granted, HummingBad will begin the usual malware process, installing fraudulent apps on the infected mobile device. Hackers are making a boatload of cash off this software alone, nearly $300,000 a month.  It’s an easy equation, the fraudulent applications deliver advertisements daily, generating a ridiculous amount of clicks. Engagement with these adds delivers nearly $10,000 to hackers daily, just from HummingBad alone. Researchers estimate that 10 million victims are using malicious applications without even knowing it.

Chinese cyber criminal group, Yingmob, consists of 25 employees spread out across four groups, and is responsible for managing HummingBad. It is suspected that Yingmob is behind the iOS malware called Yispecter, from 2015. China and India are the most affected by the HummingBad software, with 1.6 million devices in China affected, and 1.35 million affected in India. The United States is relatively small in the big picture, with 286,800 devices infected.

At the moment, HummingBad has not encrypted devices in order to steal data, but that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future.



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