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Keyboard Shortcuts – Windows 10 Refresher


In light of the recent Windows 10 buzz, it seems like the appropriate time to refresh our shortcut knowledge and add in a few new shortcuts specific to Windows 10. In computing, a keyboard shortcut is a combination of keys pressed by the user that triggers a software or operating system to perform an event. Keyboard shortcuts are not only efficient, but cool! I’m all about making that computer work for me.

Shortcut keys provide an easier and quicker method of navigating and executing commands in a software program and are commonly accessed by using the Alt key on IBM compatible computers or the Command key on Apple computers, in combination with the Ctrl or Shift key and another key to create a function for the machine to recognize. Find yourself clicking the same action frequently? Don’t be afraid to look to the right of the action and see if the operating system offers you a keyboard shortcut –  and try it out!

*These keyboard shortcuts are for IBM compatible devices, feel free to request an Apple specific shortcut blog post!

windows 10

Above are the top keyboard shortcuts for Windows users, and they are relatively basic. Just can’t remember them all? Save this image to your desktop for easy access. If you’ve had these basic shortcuts seared in your brain since the 90’s, here are some new Windows 10 key combos to jazz up your work day.

windows 10 2