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Earbuds that cancel specific noises, enhance others

Here One

Doppler Lab’s noise filtering earbuds, The Here One earbuds, are truly the coolest earbuds on the market right now. The debuted on Kickstarter and made their way to Coachella this past spring, where 10,000 pairs of buds were put to the ultimate sound test. Now, a few tweaks have been made and the buds are even more revolutionary. The newest generation is “dramatically improved” as Doppler Lab puts it. I’d hope so, considering the first version lacked one major ingredient to mass integration, the buds didn’t stream music! The Here Ones can now play music and answer phone calls via Bluetooth, perfect for personal and work use. Unlike traditional noise-canceling headphones, these are more particular about the sounds you do hear, fine-tuning the world around you, so that when you are outside you can hear the outside without the blaring sirens of the ambulance whirling past. Best of all, you can listen to music and still maintain a conversation with someone.

Each earbud houses a tiny computer with CPUs, sensors, speakers, microphones, the works. The engineers at Doppler Labs, developed algorithms that allow the technology to identify and target individual sounds, so that you can configure the device to cancel specific noises you do not wish to hear. For example, sirens, dog barking, baby cries, can all be identified by the earbuds and canceled so the listener is never bothered.  The set-up process includes a tailoring experience in which allows each individual to customize an audio profile of their own. This is particularly useful to those with sensitivity to certain frequencies. The Here One buds feature adaptive filtering, meaning the software is programmed to learn what the listen does and does not want to hear, similar to Siri learning the sound of your voice. The directional microphones in the device can even identify the specific direction of the noise you wish to cancel out or enhance. The buds can work to enhance noises as well, such as if you wished to zero in on the waterfall in your backyard. This is one step above the level of noise canceling buds on the market right now. This next level technology is now available for pre-order for a reasonable $299.00 and will begin shipping in November 2016. Here One

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