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Windows Anniversary Update – Increased RAM Requirement

According to Microsoft, the Windows Anniversary Update will double the amount of RAM needed in order to run, which could be problematic for anyone using an older machine or running on a very small hard drive. Windows 10, 8, and 7, required only 1GB of RAM. The 32-bit Windows Anniversary update will increase this requirement to 2GB of RAM. The RAM required for the 64-bit systems will not increase but rather stay at the already required 2GB of RAM. All other requirements remain unchanged. You still need 1GHz processor, 16GB of free storage for the 32-bit version and 20GB free storage for the 64-bit version, as well as DirectX 9 support. For those that have cut corners on RAM, or have a “vintage” machine, you will most likely encounter problems trying to meet the new requirements. If you have recently invested in increased RAM or purchased a new machine in the past few years, Windows Anniversary update should give you no trouble. RAM is a fairly inexpensive upgrade and should prolong the life and quality of your machine.  As a reminder, the Windows Anniversary Update launches on July 29th of this year, with an improved Cortana and Hello login feature.

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