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Apple cleans up Safari, iTunes, and a lot of bugs

Of the many fixes deployed by Apple, Safari was brought to version 9.1.1, patching 7 vulnerabilities in the browser. One of the most detrimental being the loop used to take over a Mac whose user had entered a malicious website. Apple implemented something new along with their patches, now Safari is being run through a beta program of its own with the Technology Preview.This month Apple updated OS X El Captain to version 10.11.5, patching about 70 vulnerabilities, and cleaning house. They also decided to patch older OS X Maverick and OS X Yosemite, from 2013 and 2014 let me remind you.


Apple usually supports an operating system for three years, providing support for the newest edition of Safari and the two prior versions. Just as many of you might remember when Mountain Lion was retired last year, when the newest version drops this year  the oldest edition, Maverick, will also retire. Apple likes to announce the newest version of Mac’s operating system during the June Worldwide Developer Conference. Apple then offers developers and users a preview code before the official release. In addition to Safari clean up and patches, Apple also release iTunes 12,4 which supports many of the new user interface changes with a simpler design. All updates can be downloaded like any other update, from the Apple App Store.


If you would like to educate yourself in more detail about the information presented in this blog post please visit: Apple patches 67 bugs in OS El Capitan, refreshes Safari and iTunes