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Microsoft – Thousands of Dollars in Free Support for Azure Users



Microsoft is offering a new incentive for Azure users, up to $12,000 in free support for those who make a prepaid commitment to Microsoft Azure cloud for the year. This is Microsoft’s latest ploy to get more of it’s traditional users to use Azure. All offers are available May 1st, 2016 through June 30th, 2017.

For those who are already on an Azure Enterprise Agreement (EA), Microsoft plans to move you to a higher support tier for a year starting May 1st. No extra charge no matter if you are a new or existing customer. Customers within the Azure Enterprise Agreement without support, will get a year of free support, usually priced around $4,000. Those customers that have a prepaid commitment of $100,000 or that use $10,000 per month will get a even bigger present. Free ProDirect Support for the year, which is valued at about $12,000.

In addition to ProDirect Support, these customers will also receive six App Consulting sessions, in which a Azure technical professional is available for questions about cloud, app design and implementation, and workload deployment.

Microsoft is pushing hard for Azure in the enterprise, where many businesses prefer to use their own infrastructure rather than Azure. Allowing customers to try before they buy appears to be Microsoft’s focus when it comes to Azure.

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