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Microsoft WIndows 10

Windows 10 just gets better and better!



In light of the Windows 10 Anniversary update coming this summer, Microsoft is vamping up some of their already offered features. Cortana becomes a stronger force, Windows Hello is improved and gaming capabilities are increased.

The new update provides a more powerful Cortana. Cortana will appear more throughout the system, in the lock screen and with Skype as a bot conversation. She is gaining momentum as a suggestion advocate, providing cuisine ideas and even following commands. Although barely touched on at the Microsoft conference, one of the new features associated with Cortana is the ability to system control. Microsoft gives viewers a reason to believe Cortana will soon be able to recognize phrases such as “Cortana, turn off Wifi.” or “Shut down PC.” In o92a2806addition, Cortana will tap into third party apps more often. She already is able to access Yelp and TripAdvisor for information, but now she will have access to 1,000 apps that integrate with Cortana. The Microsoft app store section, “Better with Cortana” provides plenty of options to make Cortana more proactive for the average user.

Windows Hello will increase as a feature, with the ability to log into websites on the Microsoft Edge Web browser along with third party apps. As you may already be familiar with Windows Hello works with Windows 10 to allow users to log into their machine via face recognition, iris recognition, and fingerprints. The new update allows web developer the option to integrate this feature into their site using JavaScript APIs. Windows Hello verifies your identity and Microsoft Passport gets to work ensuring the public-key encryption can access resources.

Exciting for gamers, Microsoft is enhancing a few of the top features such as allowing support for multiple GPUs and the ability to turn off VSync and enable GSync and FreeSync instead. Game developers will be able to use the new Desktop App Converter to put out Universal Windows App versions of their work. The biggest announcement for gamers is Dev Mode for Xbox One. Developers can easily use Xbox One as a development kit and create more games.




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