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Microsoft Finally Announces SQL Server on Linux

WP18After the long and rocky relationship between Microsoft and Linux, the dust has finally settled with the release of the Microsoft SQL Server, compatible with Linux.  The Microsoft SQL Server hosts an array of new features including end-to-end encryption, in-memory support, and more advanced business intelligence capabilities. The news broke when Executive Vice President of Microsoft, Scott Guthrie, released a blog post headlining the SQL Server as a cross platform performer, excelling both on premises and in the cloud.

Guthrie writes, “SQL Server on Linux will provide customers with even more flexibility in their data solution.” Finally Microsoft and Linux have reached an understanding.

The collaboration stems from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who has encouraged in full force that Microsoft and Linux can and will work well together. The company has now enabled support for Linux on Microsoft Azure, as well as partnered with companies such as Hortonworks and Ubuntu on Linux support. In addition to this Microsoft has also launched open-source efforts including open-sourcing ASP.NET. The lion’s share of Microsoft’s code has also been moved off of CodePlex and onto GitHub.

SQL Server for Linux is currently available in a private beta, and will roll out in early 2017.

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