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Chrome 49 Update Increases Extension Visibility 

Google Chrome has a large fan base of users who have most likely noticed the changes made with the most recent update.  A string of icons now appears in the upper-right corner of the browser window due to Chrome 49. This icons should look vaguely familiar considering they are the extensions installed on your computer. This enforces that each extension has a persistent UI surface.

Google released a statement in which they describe protection as the most influential reason for the change. Hearing frequently that users are blind to the extensions they have installed due to sideloading and installation by phishing this update ensures users are knowledgeable about their extensions. Extensions utilize computing resources and can significantly impact performance and security.

You may notice the color change feature. The icons in your toolbar now change colors to show you which extensions have and do not have impact on your current activities. For instance, if the extension has no impact on the current page, then the icon turns gray to signal the lack of impact. The icon will light back up when the extension impacts the page you are working on again.

Tip for those of you who are wondering where the other icons have gone, your browser window might be small or you may have quite a few extensions installed. Click on the Chrome menu button on the far right of the toolbar. This will allow you to access the icons that have been dumped due to lack of space. You will no longer be able to delete these icons for good, so make sure you know how to access your hidden icons.

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