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Hidden Features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Google Now

Google Now on Tap is probably the most useful feature. The new Marshmallow upgrade allows you to bring up Google Now without closing the app you are currently using. Simply long pressing the home button allows you to follow a few steps to activate. Once that is done all you must do is long press the home screen and that familiar Google search screen with appear atop your current page. Now on Tap also provides information to you based on you current page. For instance, if you are listening to music on Spotify, this feature can provide articles on information about the band.


Improved Cut and Paste

Highlighting in Marshmallow gives you a set of options (Cut, Paste, Search) right above the text rather than the top of the screen as in previous forms.


Voice Search on Lock Screen

Before, the only task available directly from the lock screen were the camera and emergency calls. However, Marshmallow now allows a Google voice search-no password or login required. This is a great feature when you want to look something up real quick.


Check if your Security is Up-to-Date

If your device is participating in monthly update regimes, you will be able to check its status by going into Settings>About tablet and checking “Android security patch level.” This will tell you the last time you have received an Android security patch.  Participation among manufacturers and carriers will vary.


App Permissions

Worried about Malware? You should be. The power to prevent individual apps from accessing certain functions on your phone can help. Go to Settings>Apps> [Choose the targeted App]>Permissions.


Google in the Settings Menu

Take care of all your Google settings in one easy to find place. All your account information from the Google Ecosystem can be found in the Settings menu.


Smart Lock

Smart lock allows you to store all you Android app passwords on a Google cloud. With this feature you can keep all your passwords in one secure location by going into Settings>Google>Smart Lock for Passwords. You also have the option of being able to automatically sign in to your accounts or “Never save” for certain accounts such as a banking app.


App Power Saving Exceptions

One great feature is Androids “app standby” mode, which puts inactive apps to sleep to conserve power. If you would like a few apps to keep updating despite this feature you can make exceptions by adding them to a battery optimization exception list. Go into Settings>Battery>Battery Optimization. Use the pull down menu to choose which apps you want optimized (apps set to standby mode) or not optimized (apps functioning at all times).


Easter Egg Game

Find the “hidden” game by going to Settings>About Tablet>Keep tapping The Android Version.