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Tips and Tricks for Apple Watch OS2

Personalize your watch face

Use the Force Touch on the watch face and select customize. You can also use your own face as a background by Force Touching on a photo of your choice and selecting “Create Watch Face”

watch display

Use Apple Watch as an Alarm Clock

To activate Nightstand Mode go to Settings>General>Nightstand Mode and switch “on.” This features lets you keep tabs on time, date, battery percentage, and alarms. You can also activate the snooze by pressing on the digital crown.


Reply to Emails with Custom Messages

Although it’s not designed for lengthy messages, with watchOS2 you can respond to emails. The device will provide you with a set of pre-set replies that you can customize with your iphone. Just go to My Watch>Mail>Default Replies. Take note that any emails sent will be accompanied with a “sent from my Apple Watch” tagline.


“Wake” the Apple watch display for longer

First generation Apple watch users are used to having the display turn off after only 15 seconds. With the watchOS2, you can keep the display on for 70 seconds. Change this setting by going to My Watch>General>Wake Screen and then selecting “Wake for 70 Seconds.”


10 day weather forecast

Check out what the weather is looking like over the next ten days by simply opening the weather app and swiping upwards.

ten day forecast

Time Travel

With the new feature Time Travel you can be presented with future events such as appointments and weather. Simply rotate the digital crown and you can view notifications of the past, present, and future.

time travel

Left handed Use

The initial setup asks whether you are left or right handed. However, you can change this by going into Settings>General>Orientation and then selecting “Left.”

left hand

Change Your Move Goal

Set your goals to get into better shape by opening up the Activity app and applying Force Touch to change.

move goal

Play Music to Bluetooth headset or External Speakers

Use force touch while within the Music app to stream to speakers or a headphone.


Send Read Receipts

Let people know you have read their messages by opening the Apple Watch app on your iphone and toggle the Read Receipts function in Messages.


Explore different Stopwatch Modes

Four new stopwatch display options are now available.

stop watch

Turn off progress updates

If you’re uninterested in getting updates and alerts about your physical activity, you can turn them completely off by opening the Apple Watch app on your phone and changing it through Activity>Progress Update and either turning off the notifications entirely or have them less frequently.


Looks like Rain

Be presented with the likelihood of certain weather conditions such as the chances of rain at any given time.


Send texts responses as audio clips.

Although this is not a new feature, it is worth highlighting. You can send audio clips of transcribed texts by going into Apple Watch on your iPhone and choosing My Watch>Messages>Audio Messages and Select the “Always Audio” Option.

Power Reserve Mode

This mode is a great way to conserve your battery life, but it turns off most of the device’s functionality. Long press the side button and your watch will bounce back to life.