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Surface Book Owners Reporting GPU and Display-Related Issues

Although Microsoft’s Surface book has introduced plenty of new features and capabilities, a couple complaints have been made online. Here are a list of some of the reported problems:

  1. Dell 34” U-Wide cannot be used with the dock. Screen goes black every 2-3 minutes for 10 seconds or so
  2. Cannot boot with the dock. Monitor never comes on and my Kef X300 speakers just click over and over. Have to boot with the dock, then plug the dock in.
  3. Strangest problem with color temp changes on web pages as you scroll. Goes from a light white screen to a purple or yellow hue once you hit a certain point in the page, happens consistently on long pages and easy repeatable. Happens on both the external monitor and the laptop screen.
  4. Playing MPEG files on the laptop works fine, playing the connected to the dock will give an unable to decode error sometimes, program closes other times, and plays. After it errors out 2-3 times it refuses to play until reboot.
  5. Going to a web page where there are a lot of animations or movement causes a black screen, won’t come back until you undock /redock.
  6. Cannot detach dock, says I have to close SearchUI but its not a running service that I can find, have to reboot again.
  7. After using for a while cannot run any program getting a Run32DLL.


Videos regarding the temperature problem have been posted on youtube. Visually, you can see the hue change on the page as you scroll.  Other problems include driver issues, greenish hues, and battery drains when utilizing Connected Standby. Another problem reported is the electric grip mechanism, with one side gripping hard and the other releasing easily.

Most of these problems sound like issues that can be fixed in software.