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The Top Website Builders of 2015

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Small business sometime skip the process of making their own customized website and rely solely on social media for their online presence. However, there are many advantages for having your own website, even if you do not have a big business. Having your own legitimate website solidifies your online existence and adds a substantial agree of credibility.  Your own site and URL allows you to possess greater control of your image on the internet. Luckily, there are many site builders in this day of age to help, even if you have little technical knowledge. Big businesses can spend up to thousands of dollars creating their websites; however, you can utilize the products included below to turn your small or sole-proprietor business into something increasingly more profitable, as a website can offer many money-making options.

Using simple drag and drop interfaces, you build everything yourself. You can include social share buttons, photos, blogs, and media players.

The first step to building a website is getting an address for it. Many site builders can register a domain name for you using the provider’s domain. For example: You can also use another domain you have acquired from a third party, but you will have to pay the site builder.  All the templates are available on these products. Some, such as Squarespace and Weebly, have templates that automatically reformat for mobile viewing. They all range in the creative freedom you possess with building the site, from restricting you to placing page objects in certain areas to more flexibility on the appearance.

Take a look at the featured website builders below. They all provide the ability to create and edit photo galleries, profiting from the site with shopping options, and tools that connect you to social media.

Weebly $8.00

Has the clearest interface out of all the site builders. Free accounts, site stats, and downloadable source code.

DudaOne $5.99

Strong mobile creation, easy to use, and has Web storefront capabilities.

Wix $4.08

Commerce capabilities and design freedom, but you have to pay for any site stats.

Squarespace $8.99

Full commerce support and looks great on mobile as well as desktop browsers.

GoDaddy Website Builder $5.99

Offers a basic yet easy to use website builder.

Jimdo $7.50

Lets you build a website for free or with a low yearly fee.

Webs $5.99

Easy to use but lacks capabilities offered by competitors such as Squarespace and Weebly.

Yola $8.33

Easy to use and loaded with site widgets.