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Samsung’s First Mainstream SSD is the Fastest Yet

The 950 pro hasamsung-ssd-950-pro-m2-x4-2015-09-22-01s been recently launched by Samsung. The gum stick-sized M.2 PCI Express device is Samsung’s first consumer SSD that uses vertical NAND (V-NAND) technology to deliver speed. The 512GB can read at 2.5GB/s and write at 1.5GB/s, surpassing its predecessor, the SM951 SSD. This is Samsung’s first mainstream device to use Non-Volatile Memory Express, designed precisely for SSDs to absorb less power and last longer.  The SSD uses Samsung’s 2nd generation 32 layer V-NAND, rather than the 480-layer chips that was previously announced.

The 950 Pro outshines the SATA-interface 850 Pro, exceeding it with four times the read speed and triple the write speeds.  The new SSD can withstand 20G vibrations and 1500G of physical shock, which is befitting for rugged devices. With higher bandwidth and lower latency for high-end PC and laptops, the 950 Pro is ideal for professionals seeking advanced performance.

You will be able to easily buy one next month for $200 (256GB) and $350 (512GB).