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iOS 9 Tips and Tricks

For those who have upgraded to iOS9, you may have noticed a few distinct differences from iOS 8. Aesthetic differences such as a new font and Siri’s colorful waveform animation are some of which that are notable.  Although there have been past mobile operating systems that haven’t gone so smoothly, 50 percent of iOS users have upgraded to iOS9. Time will tell if the jump is worth it, but here are some tricks and tips that will give you the most out of your upgrade.

Move to iOS: Helps people move off the Andriod platform to a device running iOS9. Data including contacts, photos, mail, calendars, and message history can be moved into iCloud.



Six digit backup security code


Search box inside Settings


Manually go low power: Go into Settings >Battery and it’s at the top. This mode conserves battery life by turning off a lot of background functions like app refresh, automatic download, location services, and visual effects. The battery life indicator turns yellow when activated



Drag to select photos: If you have a whole page of photos to delete, you can click select and drag your finger across the images. The selected images will get a blue check mark.


Shoot high-speed video: Default setting is 1080p video at 30 fps. You can double this at 60 fps to be extremely smooth by going into Settings >Photos & Camera> Record Video. You can also drop the quality to 720p HD at 30 fps to save space.


“Hey Siri”: You can turn on your digital assistant and train the phone to recognize your own voice by saying “Hey Siri.” To set up go to Settings>General>Siri and turn on the “Hey Siri” option.


Spotlight Search: When you swipe right, Siri has app suggestions you may want to open under the Spotlight search. You can turn off the Siri suggestions and keep that area empty until you type in a search term.


Turn Siri off: If you’ve experienced Siri’s voice feedback go off unexpectedly you can turn her off when switching the ring to off/mute on the side of the phone. Go into Settings>General>Siri>Voice Feedback and select “Control with Ring Switch.”


Lowercase keys: Lowercase letters are shown without using the shift key. You can turn this off at Settings>Accessibility>Keyboard>Show Lowercase Keys


Apple Maps: You can tap the Transit option on the upper right of Apple maps to help with commuting.


Access Apple Wallet quickly: When your phone is locked, double push on the home button.


Selfie Album: There is an album dedicated just for selfies in the Photos app.


Turn off Shake to Undo: Go into Settings>General>Accessibility>Shake to Undo.


Wi-fi Assist: This feature automatically switches you to your cellular data when you are in an area with poor Wi-Fi. If you don’t have unlimited data be wary of this feature as it could consume a lot of your data allowance.


Health App now has reproductive help: You can track sexual activity, menstruation ovulation tests, and basal body temperature.


Photo scroll: At the bottom of the Photos App you can go through the whole photo collection.


Ad Block in Safari through the App store.


Get desktop Website: Hold your finger on the refresh icon in the address bar to get the “Request Desktop Site” button if you do not like a mobile website.


Make a website PDF: Press the share button within a Safari website. On the top row on the Share Sheet you’ll see Save PDF to iBooks. You can then go into the iBooks app to share the PDF.


Notes Update: Notes integrates better with Mail, Photos, Safari, and Maps. You can create checklists, change font size, and make handwritten notes.


Mark Up Email: You can easily attach a photo by holding a finger down in the message to get a pop-up menu that gives you an option to insert a Photo or Video. You can also select Markup and draw on the image.


Share and save a voicemail: The voicemail area of the Phone app now has a share button. You can send it over to Email, Notes, Messages, or Facebook Messenger.