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Dropbox’s New features for the Workplace


Dropbox is now taking steps to advance in the market as a leading means of storing files and communication. Nedropbox2w features have been launched, including its new “team” tab and account simplification in its effort to further progress into a tool that will be better for the workplace.  The new “team” tab allows users to organize into group and share files with each other, while their file separation feature distinguishes work files from personal, simplifying user accounts.  Rather than signing into separate personal and work accounts tied to different emails, you can have all your files in one place and toggle between the two.

The competition Dropbox has from tech giants such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Race has made it difficult to stick to their original business model of selling cloud storage.  Dropbox’s new goal is to forgo finding revenue from its Pro accounts and become a service that companies will pay $15 per user each month. Dropbox wants to be more than a place to store files. They ultimately want to simplify the means with which people communicate and work with each other.