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Top Five Document Managers of 2015 – Highest Rated Document Managers | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Is your office in the process of becoming paperless? Dealing with digital files can be just as troublesome as the printed. As we continue to advance in the digital age it’s only rational that you benefit from the use of an efficient document manager. Your business may need a system in place that can search, manage, share, and archive files effortlessly.

Many of these document managers have specific features that may prove useful to you depending on what you need. For instance, Adobe Document Cloud Standard focuses on e-signatures and PDF file creation, and Microsoft SharePoint Online centers on creating team websites. If you need editing features consider Ascensio System OnlyOffice, Microsoft Sharepoint Online, and Zoho Docs Standard.

There are several functionalities that come along with most of these document managers such as password-protecting specific files as well as preventing access, editing, and deletion from certain users. Furthermore, you can track changes or corruption to files and add tasks for project management.

Take a look at the list compiled below as these are the top document managers of 2015. Prices will range depending on the size of your business, the amount of users, and how much cloud storage your company needs. Keep in mind that they are subscription based plans and the cost can sometimes add up quickly depending on how many users.  However, most of these plans include guest access, which allows you to share your files with anyone with no login required.  Take advantage of trying out a service before buying as most of these services provide a free trial.

document managingZoho Docs Standard, $5.00

Ascensio System Only Office, $40.00

eFileCabinet Online, $30.00

Microsoft SharePoint Online, $5.00

Adobe Document Cloud Standard, $12.00