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Advantages of Voice Over IP and Unified Communication For Small Business – Should Small Biz Use VoIP | BVA IT Consulting Blog

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is the delivery of voice communication or multimedia sessions through your internet network rather than a phone landline and the term Unified communications refers to a mixture of multiple types of communications such as video conferencing, email, and instant messaging.  Generally these two terms are used fittingly together, but how are they related together and in accordance to your small business?HostedVOIP

VoIP is essentially a type of Unified Communication and small businesses can greatly benefit from the use of such UC. With full integration of UC, you have the harmonious ability to switch from email to phone. Customer data from a phone representative will be consistent with that of an employee providing email support; therefore, information regarding a customer’s name, what has been purchased, or even problems they may have encountered will entirely be available and shared amongst your representatives for a seamless communicating infrastructure.  Another benefit from UC is a potential in improving productivity by condensing training. You can train your employees on learning one unified platform rather than multiple applications.  Customers will benefit from the utilization of UC in your small business because of the simplicity it will provide your employees to assist them. UC is useful for consolidating data, skipping any disarray that may come with multiple unconnected lines of communication, making it easy for your customers to contact and communicate with your representatives in the most convenient way possible. Whether it is email, phone call, or chat, your customers will have the option to do so and your employees will have to the tools to easily make it possible.