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New 3D Touch iPhone Feature – iPhone 6s and 6s Plus 3D Touch Feature Review | BVA IT Consulting Blog



On the surface, the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus appearance is very similar to its former predecessor with the exception of the addition of a new ‘rose gold’ color. However, there are a few different and notable internal enhances that are worth taking in to consideration when deciding whether or not to obtain the new upgraded iPhone, one of which is the 3D touch. Those of you that have a Macbook Pro or Apple Watch will be familiar with the Force Touch feature, which is comparable to the new 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. 3D touch is essentially the Force Touch, but for the iPhone. It not only recognizes the touch of your fingers but also senses the force and pressure you apply, adding a new element of control you have over the content you seek to view. Simply add a slight pressure to open a sub menu of options/take a glimpse of something such as a picture or firmly press down to open its content in a full screen.