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5 Hidden Chrome Features That Will Come In Handy | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

  1. Drag multiple tabs at once: Majority of people already know that you are capable of mix and matches the tabs together but while holding down Ctrl key and click on all the tabs you’d like to move, you can move them as one. For Mac users, hold the command key.
  2. Omnibox = Calculator: Some may or may not know that you are able to out a basic math problem into the search bar and get the answer. Without actually going to, you can access s similar math function in your omnibox. Doing this will give you the answer in the suggestions below the omnibox without having to push enter. To do this will have to be your default browser or you will not get an answer. It also does not work if you are typing into an incognito window, no matter the default browser.
  3. Omnibox = Unit converter: Just like your omnibox can be a calculator, it can also be a unit converter. It is very similar to the calculator just type into the search bar without pushing enter and you’ll get your answer below. Again, will have to be your default browser.
  4. Simple Image Browser: If you are ever cleaning or organizing your computer and come across an unknown jpeg and have no idea when or how it got placed on your computer? Simply drag it directly into your Chrome browser window and there you have it.
  5. Drag to Search: To some this might be fairly new. If you ever wanted to find out what a word or phrase meant, highlight the word and drag it to the omnibox and there you have it, your answer.