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Google Restrictions Get More Strict | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Google has been changing its policy around extensions to prevent abuse. Google will require most extensions for Chrome browser to be installed from its Web Store, to stop users from inadvertently installing malicious ones.

Last year, it was said that all Chrome extensions for Windows will be hosted in its store, Jake Leichtling who is a platform product manager.

With this change, it dropped 75% in requests from customers asking how to uninstall unwanted extensions. Although it did not apply to the Windows developer channel, hackers are now using that in order to install extensions, Leichtling said.

He also said for development purposes, Google will still allow extensions to be installed locally, as well as forced installs using group policy for enterprises.

To make users experience more helpful, Google allows inline installations. Where a user installs an extension directly from a website, but is hosted at the Web Store.