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Picking The Right Tablet | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Android, Apple, or Windows – which tablet is right for you? PC Mag tells you what to consider.

Operating System

Each system has benefits. Apple iPads are clean and intuitive with a wide app selection. The Android mobile OS offers hardware options, fast web browsing and support for multiple user logins. The Windows 8 tablet is compatible with Microsoft Office, and brings more connectivity options and hardware add-ons.


Apple’s iPad has the best collection. Android and Windows also offer thousands of apps, but not the quantity or quality of Apple.

Screen Size and Storage

You can opt for a small-screen (seven-inch) or large-screen (10-inch) tablet. Look for a sharp screen resolution; for instance, at least 1,280 by 800 in a 10-inch Android. Cloud storage is an option, but you want as much on-board storage as possible. iPad Air and iPad mini lines have the most with 128GB of flash-based memory.