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How to access shared folders, network printers and VPN’s on a Chromebook | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Chromebooks may not easily connect to Windows networks, but How-To Geek helps you get started.


Access Network File Shares

Use any software that lets you create a web interface accessible over standard HTTP and HTTPS. For instance, the ownCloud server software provides file access. Standard HTTP servers like Apache make files available for download. Or drop files into Google Drive to access them in Chromebook’s Files app.


Add Network Printers

Google Cloud Print is your best bet. Configure any new Wi-Fi printer normally and make it available to your Google account.


Connect to a VPN

Open Settings screen, click Add Connection and click Add Private Network. Enter the VPN’s details. Install certificate files on another page if necessary.


The Developer Mode Option

This option takes more time. Install a desktop Linux system to connect to other types of VPNs and browse Windows file shares.