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Microsoft gets a little help from Adobe about Project Spartan | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

Better design is on the way – Adobe can now contribute to Microsoft’s platform. Project Spartan, a new and enhanced browser, boasts the full benefit of both programs.

Bogdan Brinza, a Project Spartan program manager, says the partnership signals a more open stance for Microsoft. The Web platform plans to enhance its services through collaboration with other entities, such as Adobe.

Users will see Adobe’s influence in Project Spartan’s layout, graphic design, motion and typography. CSS gradient midpoints or “color hints” are one supported feature. Full support for blend modes is another. Project Spartan expands blend modes to include color-dodge, color-burn, hard light, soft light, difference, saturation, hue and more.

Project Spartan will make its debut in the next Windows 10 technical preview.