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How to boost your wireless signal | BVA INC. emPowering Your IT –

If you’re having trouble with your wireless signal, PC Mag can help. Whether problems are due to distance, interference, the software you’re using or something else entirely, the experts list ten potential fixes, with additional information on each.


  1. Change the channel of your router.
  2. Check the interface and see which Wi-Fi channel is the least crowded.
  3. Limit your network devices to one vendor.
  4. Invest in new routers and adaptors. Dual-band hardware is ideal.
  5. Update adapter firmware and/or router firmware.
  6. Purchase an external high-gain antenna.
  7. Change the router’s position to a central location.
  8. Try DD-WRT, free open-source software for routers.
  9. Set up a second router as an access point.
  10. Purchase repeaters and wireless extenders.